Digital Semi-Permanent Make-up & Micro Needle Puncture Machine


  • Perpendicular   movement   results   in   fine design and consistent pattern.
  • It enables fast recovery by causing far less pain and bleeding.
  • Aluminum  alloy  reduces  the  possibility  of
  • infection and gives durability and light weight.
  • Ergonomically  designed  and  convenient  to operate



Comparison between My-M and Competitor’s Machine

Digital Pen A
Competitor’s Machine
Needle Catridge
  • Needle   cartridge   and   hand-piece   are separated.

  • Ink and blood do not remain or flow back into hand-piece, even when you hold hand-piece upside down
  • Disposable Needle - It becomes loose and produces noise when reuse.

  • Silicon Membrane on the Tip

  • Needle tip, cap and hand-piece are not separated.

  • Blood and solution sometimes remain inside and flow back into hand-piece.

  • Needle Replacement - Replacing separated needle and cleaning inside increase the possibility of infection.

  • No Membrane on the Tip - Leaves a possibility of contamination

Safe to Use

  • Safe  to  use,  no  injuries  caused  during operation

  • High  possibility  of  getting  pinched  by  a needle

Shape of Needle

  • Pine needle shape
  • Sharp shape or double manufacturing shape


  •  Acupuncture needle reduces pain
  • Normal needle causes pain

Efficiency of Injecting Ink

  •  The tip of the needle is wide so it is highly efficient to inject ink.
  • The tip of the needle is narrow so it is not efficient to inject ink.