Premium IPL, embodied in the integration of IPL (light-based) and Audio IT Technology

You can feel happy all the time, once you have Rowan.
Stop using the plain and noisy IPL

  • IPL solution for removing the unwanted hair or skin care treatment
  • Audio solution for enjoying music
  • The smart IPL even with the voice guidance system


The Special Experience that only Rowan IPL can provide

Are you still having the IPL treatments for hair removal and skin care at dermatologist clinics or beaty shops
Isn’t it too much of a burden or a hassle with the expensive costs, prior reservations and visits
Now, you can enjoy both hair removal and skin care treatments anytime at your own home in a convenient and safe way

Simple and stylish design to be completed in the contrast of White & Black

  • Trendy product design fitting in anywhere including room, living room and TV Table.
  • Luxurious full LED & touch type buttons
  • Hand piece that the ergonomic design was applied to use it easily from any direction


All in One solution for various skin care Effects

  • wide flash window with 3x2 cm scale
  • Providing 2 types of Cartridges for H/R & S/C treatmens

The World’s longest lasting cartridge life

  • H/R-100,000 Times & S/C-120,000 Times(Single, Level1)

Various Convenient functions

  • wide level selection (8 steps)
  • auto & manual flashing mode
  • mute (sound) mode
  • multi flashing mode (single, double, triple)       


Protective Features for uses Safety

  • Lamp flash shall be activated only when the lamp surface is firmly contacted you skin with the built-in skin sensor
  • Overheat prevention & user’s safety securement with the built-in automatic temperature detecting sensor in hand piece.
  • Automated error-alert system allowing users to recognize users mistakes or error occurences


SpecialFeature only in Rowan (Limited to Premium Model)

  • The world’s 1st Bluetooth audio support with 2-Channel stereo speakers
  • Another World’s 1st feature in IPL devices – Voice Guidance System


Hair removal cycle & Effects

Principle of IPL hair removal

-when a strong light is delivered to body hairs, the flashed hairs bearing a lot of melanin pigments absorb the light and the growth point of the hairs in follicles shall be destroyed. In this way, the long-term or permanent hair removal is possisble

Use Cycle

  • You can see the result when using the product constantly at least once in every other weeks for more than about 2 months
  • Do not treat the same area of skin more than once in every session


Skin care Cycle & Effects

Principle of IPL Skin Care

  • By delivering a strong light to skin surface, it helps improve various skin problems by increasing collagen and extracting melanin pigments

Use Cycle

  • You can see the result when using the product Constantly at least once in 2 or 3 days for more than about 2 to 3 weeks
  • Do Not treat the same area of skin more than once in every session

Effects of skin care treatment

  • It improves the overall skin problems such as stains, freckles, age spot, fine wrinkles, loosened pores and darkened skin tones, through collagen creation

Check the suitable skin types

In Order to use the product in a safe way, please check whether your skin tones are suitable or not suitable and read all warnings and safety precautions in the user manual

Treatment Areas

Available for Hair removal : Face, back, V-line (armpit & Genital areas), chest, arms, legs, etc.

Available for skin are : almost all body Areas (but, Please do not use on the sensitive areas and the areas with skin diseases.)


How to Use the device for hair removal and skin care treatment