Minimum BDDE & 3D Linking


3D Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid Deermal Filter

  • Cutegel and Cutegel Lidocaine use non-animal based hyaluronic acid having a molecular weight of 2,5000,000 Da as the ingredient
  • OptImum viscosity and elasticity are achieved simustaneously by applying Cutegel / Cutegel Lidocaine’s unique technology which is capable of making 3D Structure using a small amount of cross-linking agent.

BDDE Residue and Endotoxin are Strictly Processed Under Careful Control

  • Cutegel/ Cutegel Lidocaine is a product with low residue that has achieved safety standards after applying BDDE purification process 4 times.


Patented Technology


Particle Plastic Process (patent No. 10-1223652)

  • Achieved Uniform particle structure using Cutegel/ Cutegel Lidocaine’s own HA cross-linking technique.

Uniform Particle Size

PP process is the technology that can make HA Filter particles uniform. Through this optimized PP process, Cutegel/ Cutegel Lidocaine has achieved a uniform HA particle Size. Uniform particle structure enables constant injection and easy molding thereby enhancing the effects of treatment

Viscoelasticity Raw Data

  • PP process allows long-lasting volumizing effect due to increase in viscoelasticity.
  • Cutegel and Cutegel Lidocaine have excellent viscoelasticity thanks to PP Procvess.



Clinical Evidence


Cutegel I Cutegel Lidocaine has received official approval of its effectiveness in anti-wrinkles and safety through comparative clinical trials conducted by major university hospitals in Korea under the approval of the medical device clinical trial from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety



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